Scott Safety is proud to sponsor the Whitecourt twin arenas, named the Scott Safety Centre. Sponsorship dollars are utilized primarily for facility operating costs which allows community members of all ages to enjoy the use of the facility, including public skating, year round.    

The Scott Safety Centre is also home to the Whitecourt Wolverines, members of the AJHL – Alberta Junior Hockey League, a Junior ‘A’ League. The Whitecourt community is proud of their Wolverines who help create an amazing community spirit. Scott Safety is also a community sponsor of the Wolverines through centre-ice advertising and purchase of Wolverine season tickets. Go Wolverines go!!

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  • Ron says:

    Is there public skating this weekend?

  • Denise Leonard says:

    Hello, My name is Denise Leonard and I attended a tournament last weekend, November 23-25. Unfortunately at the Overtime Grill on Saturday morning at 915am, I was rudely stopped in my tracks for bringing a $2 cup of tea into the viewing area. Needless to say I was quite embarrassed so I left and drank my tea in the stands. Upon my return to the Overtime Grill a Father,Mother and child (2years) were rudely being asked to leave as well for bringing the child’s food in a brown bag. The Mother asked if she could just sit at the table so the child could eat, the Father apparently asked if there was a buffet or something to order. The owner was extremely rude to this family, so I asked her to step aside to talk to me. I told her I was an owner operator of a restaurant and pub and occasionally if customers come to our restaurant with a tea/coffee or a non alcohol beverage, we allow that. I also told her I had spent approximately $140 since Friday evening and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to be asked to leave over a $2 cup of tea. She told me that was my choice and I was no longer welcome inside and she has the right to refuse me service. I thanked her and proceeded to a table with 4 other parents who were talking about her confrontation with the family. Apparently there were 2 other customers who were seated with Tim Hortons cups and the Father asked why they were allowed and his family weren’t. The leaser of Overtime Grill said they were there prior to 9am, it’s now 9:25 at this point. My dissatisfaction is obviously customer appreciation and service, and also does she have the right to refuse spectators of the arena the viewing area. You have a beautiful community facility and I’d like to think you would appreciate kindness and good service to all spectators. Thanking You in advance for your time. My contact #is 709 330 1074.

    • Nuxoll says:

      Good Afternoon Denise, I am sorry that this had to happen to you. Sadly, Scott Safety has no control over this, as we are just sponsors to the skating rink and the Town owns the rink and I believe the Kitchen is privately owned. I will send your comment over to he appropriate personnel.

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