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Gas Detection Services

Efficient, trusted, cost-effective Gas Detection Safety services for a broad spectrum of industries.

Trusted Gas Detection Services
Across Alberta and B.C.

At Scott Safety, we take pride in our comprehensive gas detection services and equipment offerings.

We also offer a range of gas detection services, including equipment rental, calibration, and maintenance. Our rental equipment is regularly serviced and maintained, ensuring that it is always in optimal working condition. Our calibration services ensure that our clients' gas detection equipment is operating accurately and in compliance with industry standards.
One of the unique aspects of our gas detection services is that we have our own fleet of gas detection equipment. This provides us with a unique viewpoint and a better understanding of our clients' needs. With this knowledge, we are better equipped to recommend equipment that meets our clients' detection requirements while also taking into consideration the end-user experience and equipment cost of ownership.

Our gas detection specialists are highly certified, trained, and experienced in the proper use and maintenance of gas detection equipment. They are proficient in recognizing and identifying a wide range of hazardous gases and can recommend the appropriate equipment to meet our clients' specific needs.

We offer the following Gas Detection and sampling equipment:
At Scott Safety, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of gas detection safety services. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have the necessary equipment and services to keep their workers safe while also providing the best value for their investment.

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