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Aboriginal and Metis Partnerships

View our Aboriginal and Metis partnerships in Western Canada.


We are pleased to have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Blueberry River Cree First Nation, Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation and McMurray Metis Local 1935 (Scott Safety Infinity), demonstrating our commitment to building strong community partnerships.

Partnering with Aboriginal and Metis Communities

Scott Safety is committed to partnering with all communities in which we serve and in particular Aboriginal and Metis communities. Working together, we create local economic benefits related to the provision of safety services and solutions for the pipeline construction and maintenance programs as well as fire equipment sales and services. Scott Safety provides training and employment opportunities for local community members to help strengthen and contribute to the regions in which we work.

Through our Partnerships, we support Training and hiring of local people, to support our communities. The following opportunities are:

EMR, EMT, ACP and or OFA3, Firefighter, Rescue, Bottle/Safety Watch, Gad Detection, QC/QA Technician Safety Technicians.

Are you interested in partnering with Scott Safety? Contact Christopher Neely, President/CEO.

Aboriginal and Metis Partnerships

Scott Safety has partnered with many local communities across Western Canada in the last 50 years. Our strategic partnerships with the local communities ensure that everyone has equal opportunity and that their community benefits from the work being completed on their land. The Aboriginals and Metis are the land owners and play a role in safeguarding the environment and people in their communities. Our company has created various partnerships to support them with projects that provide them with career fairs, training, employment and the preservation of land and other natural resources.

Why We Partner with Aboriginals and Metis Communities

Businesses that stress social sustainability understand the value of their interactions with individuals, groups, and society as a whole. Scott Safety has various programs that support Aboriginal and Metis groups in Western Canada. Our company acknowledges that relationships with the Aboriginals and Metis are crucial to our success and operations. The local community supports our operations and projects within and around their land; therefore, supporting them and uplifting their communties is our top priority.

It is our mission to provide opportunities for local community members to help strengthen and contribute to the regions in which we work. All these factors lead to strengthened communities and equal opportunities for everyone.

How do we ensure that our operations
are sustainable?

Offering employment to local people

As a company, we ensure that we employ some of our workforce from the local community. Giving employment opportunities to the community ensures that we are contributing to the local economy and providing equal opportunity. Empowering the community contributes to a development of skills and careers that can benefit the communties for decades to come.


When supporting the community, we also help them in attaining gender equality. When employing members of the local community, we usually balance genders to boost morale in the community. Hiring people regardless of their gender, age, or disability boosts the confidence of the community. Even as other companies put profits first, Scott Safety puts people first.


Our company has designed operations such that we help the local community with their local economics through hiring and training. Our operations are done in a way that ensures that the communities we work in benefit from the work being completed on their lands. We aim to work with as many communities as possible to show our gratitude and support towards all people in the community.

Let's Partner

Scott Safety is dedicated to improving the lives of the Aboriginals and Metis communities that we work in. We make social investments and help people to improve their lives by creating strategic partnerships. We employ people from the local communities, donate to local programs, and support local causes in the communities in which we serve, and create inclusive value chains. We understand that all partnerships contribute to equality and opportunity. Therefore positive changes in the lives of the local communities play a role in ensuring that our company is meeting our goals. We look forward to partnering with more local Metis and Aboriginal communities across Western Canada.