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Scott Safety's longevity and deep experience in the safety personnel industry, coupled with our consistent emphasis on staff development, means we are equipped to handle a variety of medical situations with proficiency and care. Our medical personnels dedication to their communities and a customer-first approach reassures our clients that their well-being is the top priority, cementing the trustworthiness of our medical services.
Having on-site medical staff can mean the difference of life or death in an emergency situation.

All our Emergency Medical Personnel are highly trained in providing pre-hospital care to your remote sites. Also, we specialize in providing rapid transportation to maximize our ability to sustain life and prevent further injury or illness.

Scott Safety Supply Services Inc. provides EMR’s (Emergency Medical Responders) and PCP’s (Primary Care Paramedics), all of whom are Registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics. We also employ EMR’s and PCP’s which are dual Registered with EMA in British Columbia. ​

Scott Safety Supply Services Inc. provides in house comprehensive training to our staff on a regular basis. This helps to keep skills they have learned sharp and fresh along with updates and new protocols, procedures, and practices. These sessions also help new staff to understand and familiarize themselves to the work environment they can expect to encounter in the field. They get this from the experienced staff attending these training sessions.
All our medical personnel is provincially registered. We offer the following Medical services:
Medical Fleet Coverage
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Scott Safety Supply Services Inc. ETVs are stocked with a basket stretcher, spine board, spinal immobilization straps and level III first aid kit. All our ETV's are full sized SUV's which are GPS monitored, 4x4, have 2-way radios installed and boosters. AED's and STARS Landing Kits at client request.
Scott Safety Supply Services Inc. Medical Units are fully stocked and operate under Alberta Health Services Protocols. All our MTC’s are Alberta Transportation Compliant for the Transportation of Patients in the MTC Module on public highways. All our Medical Units are Late Model, GPS monitored, 4x4, have 2-way radios installed, boosters and a STARS Landing Kits.

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