Safety Services

Deadly and harmful gasses, liquids and contaminants are reality in the oil and gas industry. With our highly trained staff we can provide the necessary equipment and personnel for all your facility and remote location needs.

We have the manpower, experience and technical expertise to be your turn-around solution provider for your plant and facility.


  • National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) AB, SK
  • Construction Safety Specialist (CSS) BC
  • Safety Advisor
  • Safety Specialist
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Water Rescue
  • Safety Watch
  • Fire Watch
  • Road Control
  • Security
Breathing Air Trailers
  • 2400-4500 psi
  • 8-10 cylinders
  • 2 SCBA’s
  • 6 SABA’s
  • 300’ of 3/8” mainline and 1,000’ of ¼” supply line
  • 2 Hi-Low stage regulators
  • Tube test kit & bump test kit
  • Wind sock and Signage
Breathing Air Skids
  • 2400-3500 psi
  • 4 cylinders
  • 2 SABA’s
  • 600’ of ¼” supply line
  • 2 Hi-Low stage regulators
  • Signage
Breathing Air Packs
  • Scott*
  • MSA
  • Survivair
  • Drager
*Scott Safety Supply Services Inc. may resell, rent or refurbish STI (Scott Technologies Inc.) branded self-contained breathing apparatuses. Scott Safety Supply Services Inc. is not an authorized re-seller of or service provider of STI Products.
Fill Trailer
  • 16 high pressure cylinders
  • 200 feet air hose, so no job is out of reach
  • capable of filling any air cylinder – SABA, SCBA, air trailers or breathing air cascade system
Technical Support Trailer
  • Ideal for Turn-arounds to ensure equipment is available for immediate use – On Site.
  • Contains all necessary tools and equipment to clean, test, and refill breathing air packs
  • Recharge, clean & test all portable gas detection monitors
  • Clean and inspect all confined space and high angle equipment
  • Contains extra inventory and equipment for your turn-around
Portable Gas Monitors
  • BW Gas Alert Extreme H2S monitor
  • BW MicroClipXT/XL multi gas detector
  • BW MaxXT II Pump multi gas detector
  • BW Gas Alert Micro5 Pump multi gas detector
  • Micro dock II Automated instrumented docking station
  • Benzene monitor
  • Norms meter
  • Alternative solutions available
Fixed Gas Monitors
  • Otis Gas Detection System
  • Mesh Guard Gas Detection System