Fire Extinguisher Sales, Services and Rentals

We offer a complete line of fire extinguisher sales, service and parts. With our mobile units, we are equipped to provide our full service at your site.

Scott Safety is your kitchen suppression and alarm maintenance specialist. We meet National Fire Protection Association standards for fire protection needs and portable extinguishers. We are a federally certified hydro test facility.

Under Enform I.R.P 18, it is recommended that all personnel receive fire extinguisher training. We can train your staff, plus supply the range of fire extinguisher equipment–from a small 2.5lb extinguisher to the most sophisticated kitchen suppression system–our fire extinguisher and protection division will work with you to meet your unique needs.


  • Maintenance
  • Parts


  • On-Site Services
  • 24/hr dispatch & emergency response

Additional Services

  • Fire Alarm Inspection, Maintenance, and Certification
  • Kitchen Suppression System Inspection, Maintenance, Certification
  • SCBA/SABA Inspection, Service, Cleaning, Hydrostatic Testing
Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Maintenance & Repair/Six Year Maintenance
Hydro-static Testing
Mobile Extinguisher Unit

Fire Extinguishers