Emergency Planning & Response (Site Safety Supervision)

Before you encounter an emergency situation – we want to be your ERP solution provider – working with you to identify and reduce hazards and ensure the effectiveness of your ERP plans.

Scott Safety has the expertise and experience in-house to be your Emergency Response Plan Provider.

We specialize in:

  • Plant and Facility preservation (imminent Fire Risk)
  • Plant & Facility Fires
  • Storage Tank Fires
  • Pipeline Emergencies
  • Transportation Emergencies
  • Toxic & Flammable Vapor Control
  • Chemical Fires
  • Wildland & Forest Fires

Fort McMurray 2016 Fires – Plant and Facility Preservation

Let us be your first choice to ensure the safety of your personnel, equipment and facilities. We have personnel strategically located within Alberta and British Columbia that can quickly mobilize and respond to any emergency situation.